Friday, November 19, 2021

Best Cutting Machine Cricut

When I accept this review, I must be a little bit outdated. I am not a person who really likes arts and crafts. Of course, I will occasionally do this project with my four-year-old child. I also like to make things (beer, music, small electronics) and usually have a strong DIY ability. 

But I didn't really use the same medium as the traditional Cricut crowd: cardstock, fabric, vinyl, etc. This kind of thing is more like my wife's territory. She made decorations, bouquets and invitations for our wedding. 

She crocheted a blanket with the theme of video games. She made a robot costume for our children out of cardboard and aluminum foil. To be honest, I kind of hope she can bring a bunch of project ideas to the negotiating table to get the $300 Cricut Explore 3 on track. It can be said that she disappointed me. (However, I still love her.) So when I try to figure out what comments on the Cricut machine should look like, I basically rely on myself.


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